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Opening July 2024


Orchard Rules and Tips

Our dwarf trees are relatively fragile so please be gentle with them.

Be cautious in the orchard and please follow these rules:

  • Do not shake or climb the trees
  • Do not walk through the tree rows (damage may occur to the tree or you may run into wires that make up the tree’s support system)
  • Do not run in the orchard because the ground is uneven and it is an active farm
  • Wear comfortable shoes (we recommend closed toed shoes to protect your amazing feet)
  • No one under the age of 16 allowed without adult supervision

How to Pick and Store your fruit

Apples that don't come off easily are not ready to be picked!

How to pick:

  • Do not pull straight away from the tree. This will break branches, or hurt you and your neighbor
  • Roll the apple upwards off the branch and give a little twist
  • Don’t throw the apples into the bag, place them gently because they bruise easily and will go bad more quickly.
  • Do pick apples off the ground that fall while you are picking other apples (or if you drop one)
  • Do not pick up apples from the ground that were already there

How to store the fruit you just picked

Don't wash apples until you are ready to use them, to prevent premature spoilage.

Apples can store for a long time, it does vary per variety, so don't wait too long

  • Keep apples cool after picking to increase shelf life
  • The fruit/vegetable drawer of the refrigerator will work
  • Fresh-picked apples that are kept cool will generally keep for weeks
  • Apples and potatoes should never be stored in the same space because as they age potatoes release ethylene gas which makes apples spoil faster

What is Coming in 2023

Peaches are here July 2023
Apples on a tree

Apples growing ready September 2023

why choose us

always fresh

Our Fruit is just waiting to be picked by you and your family. Think of it as a gift of the best-tasting fruit grown in Catalina. 

Zero Pesticides

We don't want to eat chemicals or plastics, and we think you don't want those either. We encourage natural pest control through bio-diversity. We love our birds, wasps, ladybugs, and more!

Safety Precautions

We are an active and working farm. So when you visit please wear appropriate clothing that will protect you and can get dirty.

Sliced Green Apple
We can pick for you

Need to just drive by? Have a busy schedule and want amazing fresh food. Give us a call and we will pick it for you, and have it ready for pickup.

Quality Fruits and Vegetables

You will get more than your money's worth. We treat you like family, and will always make sure that you get the best we have to offer. Picking at the peak of freshness does mean you will want to eat your picked items quickly!

Easy to talk to

We love to chat; please feel free to spend time with us on the farm. If you need anything, you can give us a call or send us an email. We are just friendly farmers, after all. 


Our Orchard by the Numbers

 What are we growing this year?

Fruit Tress
Berry Plants (fruit will arrive in 2024)

Some of the Fruit we are growing

Empire Apple
Empire Apple
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Red Delicious
Red Delicious
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Golden Delicious
Golden Delicious
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Jonathan Apple
More Details
Rome Beauty
More Details
Red Haven Peach
Red Haven Peach
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Elberta Peach
Elberta Peach
More Details
Ida Red Apple
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bartlett pear
Bartlett Pear
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